Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.510

Hello from Japan, this is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.510.

Our obon holidays(mid summer holidays) are over. We feel very refreshed now and can feel a lot of energy in us. We are hoping to add interesting items and hope you can enjoy browsing our website!


We sell kimono but just as the costumes of other countries, kimono are now becoming something special. We cannot see many people in kimono around, except the people who do the way of tea, traditional dancing, or martial arts. If you travel and visit Japan and if you are expecting to see many people in kimono, we are sorry but you may be disappointed a little. Of course there are places which keep historical buildings and old tradition-however, people in general, dress like other young people in other countries. Just as buildings in big cities, people may look very similar in cities.


It used to be, `public eyes' were very strict, and men should be manly, and women should look modest and femine. However, it is now changed. It seems `nandemo ari' (anything goes)is what is going on with fashion now. Who could predict, maid fasion becomes popular? It used to be, men should never care about fashion or talk about cosmetics. Pierced earrings? No way!  It is now hard to find young people with no pierced ears. Older people can wear bright colors(as far as kimono is concerened, still colors of linings seems to keep traditional-older people do not wear kimono with bright color bottom linings). Wearing leggings? I never thought all generation love leggings. Conservative, American casual, Outdoor, Unisex, Mori-girl(natural, country style), Gothic(including Gothic Lorita), and wafu(Traditional Japanese design)lovers--- you can find associates in any categry!

However, there is a very interesting website which is most popular now, it is called `wanpi no maho'(Magic of one-piece).


It is a rental dress company(very young company) but they become a hot topic and having a great sale. Basically you can rent a dress for four days and three nights- for approx US $40 to $120.

Here are some examples of their dresses:


What is so unique about the website? Their dresses are chosen from `young men's point of view! They have ranking of `most lovable dresses' chosen by young guys!

The president of this company is a young woman(graduated from Kyoto University, should be very smart!). In their website, you can search by purpose- such as `spouse hunting', ` the first meeting with your fiance' and so on.(There are more wider occasion, such as attending friends' party and so on). 

The website is popular and has very good reviews also! It seems their dresses work quite well!

Is this a sly way? Too much cunning calculation? The website has been popular because of their rich choice with the research-what young men like- very clear and simple!

In the review of their customers,  they say, `we only need these dresses once or twice'. After the encounter, they show their original nature gradually...

Girls knew, what work for the first impression to some extent, and with the company's research, they can be perfect!  They have freedom of fashion and also reliable data! What a good time we are having!