Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.499


This meisen kimono has delightful  crown, ring and chrysanthemum design. In Showa 30's(Showa 1926-1989), we can see these design(crown design is rare)once in a while.

Actually they were the trend of the time when Michiko sama got married to Prince Akihito(present Emperor). Their wedding was in Showa 34(1959) and I was born in that year!

We are not sure how much is know about Michiko sama(Empress Michiko), there is some inforamtion from Wiki:( Empress Michiko )



She was the first commoner who entered into the Imperial family by marriage-she went through all the bashing and judgement but now she must be the most respected and loved woman.

She was born as a daughter of Nisshin Flour Milling Company and was a very active and atheletic girl. She made a speech as a valedictorian of her college(she studied English literature in college).

She met Emperor Akihito at one of the tennis tournament in Karuizawa-people were so surprised by this marriage with the commoner. It was really sensational-`Encounter in tennis court', `Love in Karuizawa' were the title in magazines. Everyone thought Princess would have been chosen from royal family.

Some royal family members and made of honor did not like to accept her, and Michiko has been watched and judged everything she did. However, she never argued. She just kept silent. Her  graceful attitude has impressed everyone and became most loved Princess.

From interviews of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, we can always feel they trust each other and there is strong bond between them.

In 1984, they had 25th wedding anniversary. In the interveiw, they were asked what grade did they like to give each other. Emperor Akihito answered, `I cannot give any grade, I will surely give her the Effort Award' and then Empress Michiko answered, ` I would rather give a certificate of gratitude.' Everyone was so impressied by their answers.

In 1993, she suffered from anaudia because of the stress from negataive articles, but she never critisized anyone. Her attitude with dignity and grace brought everyone's support -permanently.

She discontinued some tradition of royal family-she raised her own children(Hironomiya, Ayanomiya and Norinomiya), made a small kitchen to fix meals for Emperor sometimes and made lunch for her children to school. All these episode brought many fans of her also.


Now, she must be concerned about Princess Masako who got married to Prince Hironomiya. Princess Masako was married into royal family also from the common family, but she has been ill (they say it is adjustment disorder)for a long time. 

Our mothers' generation were so thrilled by the marriage of  Empress Michiko, and rejoyced by the new wave

When Princess Masako was married, we too felt the new wave. Princess Masako was a very smart career woman, who was fluent in several foreign languages. She looked brilliant and confident. We cannot forget her charming smile when she was engaged to Princess Akihito. Her voice is not heard for a long time. She could go to Belgium to attend the coronation of the King, last month. We hope it is the good sign of her recovery. Prince Hironomiya seems to be very supportive and we hope they can get over the difficulty together-there must be no difference between ordinary couple and a couple in royal family in that matter.