Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter NO. 473

Dear Custmers & Friends

Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter NO. 473.
Some customers   may already know,  but I majored in science of fisheries at university. 
I couldn't get a job related with it fisheries, and became antique kimono dealers.
And now, I noticed that many items of our stock are related with sea - for an example, we have many excellent antique fukusa with motifs related with sea.
I still eems to love sea, and select such items without thinking.   

We would like to show such fukusa collection with interesting photos from Flikr.
We are very happy if you enjoy the photos. 


by Mauro Luna


Tortoise is thought to live for 10 thousands, and considered to be the very auspicious creature. When I was a boy I brought back a tortoise home. My father let a tortoise drink sake, and released him to the river. He seemed to believe the tortoise a divine messenger.  

by Jimmy McIntyre - Editor HDR One Magazine


 Pair rocks near the seashore is thought to be holy one, and often Shimenawa, sacred rice-straw ropes, are hung across the top of them. Usually they are called 'Meotoiwa'( married couple), and considered to be the icon of  loving couple.



by Peter Nijenhuis


Clam shell is also thought to be the icon of  loving couple. Because the two shells of a shellfish fit very tightly.  So the ancient gam 'Kaiawase'(shell maching game) is also based on such feature.

by Mathieu Struck


Lobster is one of the most gorgeous sea food, but also has rich auspicious image. Lobster often casts the shell, so he is though to be always fresh!
We Japanese don't only use it as auspicious motif, but also eat lobester at happy occasions like weddings. 

by Greg_S



Jumping carp is also thought to be very auspicious. Carp was thought to become dragon after climb the waterfall. So Japanese boys are expected to be like a carp, and some day become a dragon.