Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.841


Easter omedeto gozaimasu(Happy Easter in Japanese)

Susanne Nilsson | Flickr

Happy Easter, everyone! This is Midori from Ichiroya.
Spring has sprung! Here’s hoping your Easter is as beautiful as the flowers in bloom.
Easter was not well known in Japan before, but when Tokyo Disneyland held Easter event in 2010, it has became bigger in Japanese business world.
You can easily find cute Easter goods, delicious Easter sweets and snacks at the stores these days, but people still don’t really celebrate Easter.
It is probably because April is one of the most busiest months in Japan.
Easter is around the same time as cherry blossom season in Japan. We normally go on Hanami "cherry blossom viewing" and enjoy the transient beauty of flowers. 
Also, April is the beginning of the new school year, and the new graduates join the companies and start their careers.
Although it’s not common to celebrate Easter in Japan, my daughter and I play Easter egg hunt every year. It is a fun activity for young kids.
We always have a great time decorating, searching and collecting eggs.
The past few years, we used the Easter egg kit to decorate the eggs by dunking the eggs in the dye.
It is fun but can get very messy and hard to clean up, so instead of dying, we used colored pencils to decorate the eggs this year.
It turned out great and we were ready to play Easter egg hunt.
My daughter put on bunny ears, grabbed an Easter basket and went find the hidden eggs.


Once she finished collecting all the eggs, it was her turn to hide the eggs. She asked me to go find the hidden -not really hidden- eggs.
We took turns hiding eggs and ended up forgetting where we put the eggs.
We usually find the missing egg out of nowhere a few weeks later. lol
A lot of things are happening around the world right now and making us feel gloomy, but it's always important to have positive thoughts.
Easter egg hunt can also be played indoors regardless of age, would you give it a try this year? You have nothing to lose ;)
Please stay safe, everyone!
Here are lovely Kimono and Obi with bunny and cherry blossom design!
We hope you get egg-zactly what your are looking for this Easter season!
Please enjoy online shopping at Ichiroya :)
Have a great weekend.
See you next time!