Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.791

Hello, this is Mari writing.
In Japan, we have about a week long holiday called "Golden week" every year 
at the end of April through beginning of May. It will be a little bit longer this time.
Our office will be closed from April 27th through May 6th.
During this holiday, no new items will be listed, and we won't be able to 
reply to any emails or process shipments. 
Thank you so much for your understanding and consideration. 

The following newsletter contains images of insects. 
If you dislike insects, please be careful and browse!!!
Have you seen "Bagworm" hanging on a branch or something?
I used to see them at parks or my house's backyard when I was a child. 
Lately, I have no chance to see them because I don't play outside like 
I used to. When I was a child, I was curious about their ecology and unique look. 
I always wanted to remove the shell, and see what is inside. Well, I have never 
done it though... Now, I see what's inside on internet. I knew it is a worm!
A little after I started working at Ichiroya, I found that we carry kimono, obi and 
other items which have bagworm's shell on their pattern.  In Japan, there is a type of craft 
which use bagworm's shell to make pattern. They are very unique and tasteful!
There is a workshop where they produce bagworm items.
The following is the process of making a pattern with bagworm skin.
(I explain each process in English. The number of each process matches 
 the pictures on the website.)
1)  Collect bagworms at hills and fields
2)  Open up shells and wash them to take branches and leaves away
3)  Sort them out by thickness
4)  Breach them to make different color tones
5)  Draw design
6)  Cut out the pattern paper 
7)  Iron to flat the material 4)
8)  Put the pattern paper on material, and cut out
9)  Repeat the process of 8) to make the design 
10) Glue the pattern on Obi, Kimono, necktie and so on
11) Iron the whole item 
    For Obi and Kimono, stitch around the pattern 
There are so much work to make the tasteful items!
Please take a close look at bagworm patterns we carry at this moment.
<Clutch Bag>


To be honest, it's no exaggeration to say that I wrote this newsletter to show this item. Although it has been sold a while ago, I still remember how much shock I got when I saw it for the first time. 
The whole jackets were made of shells of bagworm! 
Can you believe it?
Thank you for reading until the end.
See you next time!