Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.630


スタッフSUEです。正統派、現代物のコーデはお手の物ですが、時々`アンティーク着たい周期' もくるようで・・・ かわいい半襟入荷時に、裄をどれだけだせるか実験してくれました!

Hello from Yuka from Ichiroya. Today, our staff Sue is appearing in this newsletter. She works at Ichiroya for a long time, she used to work for a big kimono company (Yamato) before.

She writes descripton of our listings and also a den mother for other writing staff. She is very good at matching modern kimono and obi and most knowledgeable stff in Ichiroya- she sometimes has this `vintage kimono fever' once in a while and comes to office wearing her kimono.  (She is very shy, but her kimono total coordination is quite unique, isn't it?)

As many kimono lovers know, vintage kimono are smaller and the size can often be an obstacle to try vintage kimono, even though they are so gorgeous and kawaii! Length problem can be solved by adjusting the folding (or not to have the fold at all) but yuki length, the sleeve to sleeve length, tend to be short and that really could become a problem. 

Vintage kimono lovers often use this method of making yuki length longer- by widening the neck line. Using patterned haneri and show the haneri part more is the popular way and Sue tried to place `two' haneri- which save more length for yuki! (Sleeve to sleeve length became longer to cover wrist by this method).



銘仙着物と羽織のコーデーー水玉の半襟x2をつかうことで裄の長さを「かせいで」います。`柄オン柄’ は着物が得意!とするところ。自由にのびのび楽しめるのもアンティーク着物の魅力!

As you see, matching totally different patterns and using opposite colors are the different points from how you match western outfit. These style (looks whimsical) can be one of the charms of vintage kimono.




Still the sleeve to sleeve length was a bit shorter and Sue matched her `wrist warmer' to come to our office.Looked very warm and cute:-)



This is her favorite vintage long-haori. This is vintage item. She came wearing boots with the vintage kimono. Sorry I forgot to take the photo...

Wearing haori (both vintage and modern) over western clothings are nice and we are always so amazed by the charming coordinaton by our customers. 

We hope you enjoy seeing the example of how vintage kimono are worn actually too!