Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No589




Today, we like to talk about WAGARA (literally means Japanese Patterns). When you visit our website, you find many WAGARA on kimono, obi and related items. WAGARA are considered to be created from Heian period(795-1185)- with our historical background, of course there are influence by Chinese culture, but there is no precise definition about WAGARA.

The patterns with Japanese atmosphere are all called WAGARA. WAGARA includes a lot of motif from natural beauties such as flowers, plants, moon, waves, mountains and so on and also some are from Sanskrit characters. We may be able to say, all patterns remind us of Japan are WAGARA.

WAGARA are not just old thing, you can find WAGARA in all kinds of decorated things. Interior fabrics, bags, accessories, nail art- and I found most impressive thing using WAGARA. This is a blog by a company making `artificial legs'. Please scroll down to see the photos of what they have produced.



 Isn't that cool? This guy ordered and this one is his third one. He looks very proud to have this artistic leg! Obi textile is used for the leg-with resin coating.


 Also, these guys are showing the cover of their artificial legs and arms with WAGARA. Hyogo rehabilitation Hospital is supporting people who have handicap with their legs or arms by latest robot technology.

敏腕の相棒 俺好みに おしゃれな義手・義足ロボ(未来への百景) :日本経済新聞

The guy in the middle is using Kindengisyu, artificial arm-which moves with the technology of using the contractile muscles, conveying the weak electric signal to the sensor which controlls the move of fingers with built-in motor. To use the arm, some training is needed. He chose the cover with this WAGARA design for his 'buddy'. He said he was asked, `where did you get this cool stuff?' by a stranger. The guy who asked him did not notice it was his artificial arm. He thought it was just a fashinable item.

We can see many WAGARA with i-phone cover too. If you like WAGARA, we hope you can try using them in your project and create your original WAGARA items!