Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No587


( The cover is Japanese silk rinzu dyed by tadeai- I like this deep blue of night sky!)

Today, we like to show this special book by John Marshall, an American fiber artist specializing in the traditional Japanese techniques of Katazome (stencil dyeing) and tsutsugaki (cone drawing).

He already published other books and also DVDs in the past (http://www.johnmarshall.to/I-BenzaitenSales.htm) and this is the newest and the unique `pop up' book. This does not have three-dimensional characters like children's books but it leads us to a wonderland of tadeai.



Not only for those who are interested in natural dye, but for everyone, we like to recommend this book. It is not just an academic book (it is full of knowledge and information about indigo dye) but it is a lot of fun to see how the exquisitely tasteful ai color come from. I am sure you will be `bit' by the charms of ai from this book.

The book is full of samples, so you can see and feel the dyed threads and textiles. There is a surprize gift in the last page - by reading this book, and touching the samples (all made by the author himself!), you will feel like growing Tadeai in your yard for sure!

The book is available from the link we included, but since it is limited edition, we are not sure when you can have this book at your hand. (Please contact John san about it directly).