Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.672


 Kimono #330298 Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya


 Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

This is Nagisa from Ichiroya. Hi! There is only one month left this year, and Christmas is around the corner. The other day, I went to the Marimekko exhibition in Nishinomiya, Hyogo. As you know, Marimekko is a famous textile bland in Finland. (Santa Claus lives in Finland, right?) The lovely flower pattern named Unikko is designed in the motif of a poppy. Poppy design can be seen on kimonos and obis too, and they are also cute and charming! However, poppy is a spring flower, so it is too early to introduce these items. Instead of that, I'd like to talk about my friend Cica.

(Well, I think this Meisen Kimono #330298 on top of this page reminds us of Scandinavian design. The kimono is considered to be from around mid Showa-1920-30). It also reminds us of European Christmas

OK then, Cica is my friend from high school days, and she loves Hokuo (Scandinavia) too much. She is a full time office worker(She working at a large enterprise known throughout Japan.), and a manager of her own online shop 'Dill+' which sells daily goods of Scandinavian brand names. Also, she works at a cafe as a waitress every other Saturday to make her dreams come true. (She aims to open a store in Scandinavia. Sushi bar, Japanese style cafe, tourist home, etc...Anyways, she has lots of dreams!) Furthermore, she is a blogger, and she suggests Scandinavian lifestyle in the name of 'Shumatsu Hokuoubu' (Scandinavian Weekend). She hosts Scandinavian events once a month. 'KALSARIKÄNNIT' is one of them. Do you know what does the word means? It means that to drink alone in only underwear. She did it with some girls who were influenced by her blog. (Most of them were strangers to each other at that time.)


Here is a photo of her Halloween party. How mysterious! I want to join the party someday! Then, she will take a part of Scandinavian fair at one of the  famous department stores in Osaka. I'm proud of her! I think it is wonderful thing to spread other culture. I wish I could do it through this newsletter...

So, I'd like to talk about Japanese casual wear brand name 'Uniqlo'. Have you ever bought something at Uniqlo in Japan or your own country? I depend on Uniqlo's underwear through the year. That's why I couldn't live without Uniqlo. In this July, a new Uniqlo store opened at Disney Springs in Florida. Lots of typical Japanese items are sold at the store. Yukata, fan, paper craft kit of Japanese armor, and so on. Not only shopping, you can enjoy various trial classes or events of Japanese culture. I hear that a couple of kimonos are displayed in the store. One is a Furisode style for women, and the other is Hakama style for men.

You can see the photo here.
Yes, they are look like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse! (The web page says that the kimonos are scheduled to be displayed for 6 month. So, they should be still there!)

These Kimonos were designed by Hitoshi Maida, a Kaga Yuzen dyer. Kaga Yuzen is a traditional dyeing technique. Bird, grass and flower are dyed realistically with five colors called Kaga Gosai. Beautiful ombre dyeing and warm-eaten leaves are feature of kaga Yuzen. Some are here!

< Irotomesode Kimono >

< Houmongi Kimono >

In Japan, Irotomesode and Houmongi are worn at formal occasions. Please enjoy these formal Kimonos on Christmas, new year's day or your special days!

Thank you for reading to the end. There is just one more thing. Recently, I watched the movie 'Inferno', and I wonder if I should buy a mickey design watch which is worn by professor Langdon. I wish Santa Claus gives me the watch!