Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No582



What is KAWAII?

If you visit Japan, the word you hear most may be Konnichiwa(Hello) and Domo Arigato(Thank you). Maybe, `domo' may be the most useful word for you-easy to remember too! Domo can be used as `thank you', or  `nice to meet you'- and a light bow saying `domo' must bring a very good impression! You must be considered to be very polite, well mannered person. Everybody may think you studied Japanese so hard or you are in Japan for quite a long time. Another word you hear so often must be `Kawaii'.


We hear, the word Kawaii is now known to everyone in the world. Is that true? We are not really sure, because it is so difficult to find exact word for Kawaii. Kawaii can be cute, lovely, sweet, adorable, nice, pretty, and probably `cute' is the closest. 

If there is a fluffy puppy or a little baby, probably all Japanese will say, `Kawaii'.  It means `darling' or `lovable. It can be said as `a precious little thing' also. You may see so many anime characters in town everywhere in Japan. Japanese love kawaii things and they are often loved for its immatureness. Kawaii things often has characteristic such as, round, childlike, fluffy, pink, innocent, tiny, soothing or sweet. Kawaii  is definitely a compliment word, we use Kawaii for older people also. When we think about this word, we cannot help feeling this word really relates with Japanese culture. 

Here are top 5 Kawaii kimono from last year!  They may not be your favorite, but those are the things Japanese think Kawaii.  We hope you enjoy!