Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No545

Hello from Yuka from Ichiroya.

Our winter here was quite colder than usual, so the recent warm sunshine feels so good.

In stead of sakuara, cherry blossoms, we can see Hanamizuki(dogwood tree)in full bloom in our neighbors.


Spring is the season of starting new life. Graduation ceremonies are in March, and at the beginning of April, most schools and  companies have entrance ceremonies. Students in new school uniform enter from the back door of assembly halls proudly. Newly entered workers also attend each company entrance ceremony with full of hope with nervous look...

One of the big company Seven & I HD which holds famous convenience stores (Seven-eleven)had company entrance ceremony.  They had about 1200 new workers(full time) in this spring. Getting into this company is quite highly competitive.


It is a bit changing, but majority of people get into companies at the time they graduated. Companies usually hire `newly graduated' young people, and educate them to fit in the companies color. My father's generation, changing job was what outsiders did. Once you entered the company, working until retire age was what people did.

But the traditional employment patterns are changing, and changing job is not rare thing any more. However, it is still the mainstream to get a full time job when people graduate.

If you do not get a full time job at the graduating time and keeps, for example, part time job, getting into a big companies as a full-time worker becomes extremely difficult. `Drop out' is what people consider for those who do not get a full-time job at the time of graduating from schools. 

So students try to get into companies anyways. Most of the last year of university or college life are spent for job hunting recently.  The company called Recruit is offering information of companies but their system fans the fear of the young people and making their job hunting so complicated and so depressing:


Many stundents send resume to so many companies because of the anxiety and lose their confidence and get depressed. It is just so heart breaking to hear young people getting suiside because of depression from job hunting. 

In this season, those who did not pass exams or did not make it to enter the companies they wished to enter, change direction and start searching their way.

My best friend's son is now struggling to find his way. I am sure there is a place for him where he can really use his talent but he has not yet fiound the place. In the entire life, finding job is a big issue but not everything, but at this itme,  he and other young people who had not have found companies to enter, are feeling as if they have no future.

I was going to introduce the two encouraging songs but I could not help writing about this depresing job hunting season. We wish to encourage all the young people struggling now and also want them to realize they have life full of unexpected things, joy and pain  and life is worth living.

The two songs are here:

Tegami by Angela Aki... tegami means `letter' and the song is about the letter sent to 15- year-old me.

Another song is ` Startline' by Hidetoshi Baba. He  is a singersong writer but has been unknown singer until he became 40 years old. His concert is full of middle age fans( we went to his concert this weekend!)

The both songs have been loved and they keep encouraging people feeling small.

We hope you them too.