Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No. 480


This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No. 480.

It started rainning-then turned to snow tpday!

It is `Coming of Age' ceremony day today.  The young people who become twenty years old this year and the families and friends were so looking forwad to this particular day.

Some parents buy furisode and all the needed accessories for their daughters, some go to rental kimono company and choose their faorite set-to obtain their favorite kimono, sometimes people start to prepare from a year before the ceremony. I know one mother who started to prepare her daughter's kimono when she was seventeen years old!


A few days before this ceremony, people bring their furisde and accessories to beauty salon and the professional dressers check them- put collars, count the number of ties they need and make sure everything is ready for the day. Some girls have to get there around 4 o'clodk in the morning on the ceremony day, because of the appointment with their dressers.

I remember I was late to make an appointment for our older daughter Shoko for furisode dressing, and only time the dresser was available was 4:30 in the morning. She was exhausted by the time the ceremony began in the afternoon!


For kimono industry and hair & make up technicians, it is a war time of a year. People seldom wear kimono during ordinary days, so this is survival in furisode war. The problem is, the ceremony is on this particular day, the second Monday of January.

It was today and it was a rainy and snowy day. I could almost hear the screams and moans, `no! not today!'. Many people must have gazed at the heavens today.


I checked the weather on this ceremony day in the past. From 1949, the ceremony was on January 15th, and from 2001, it is held on the second Monday. I checked the weather of 5 days around the ceremony day to see if heaven knew people's prayers.





To summarize the above date, here is the chart. The chance of sunny day 77%, it is pretty good.


However, among these five days, it rains with high rate on the day- and there is never rains on the next day in these 52 years. It is as if Heaven is trying to give rain on the ceremony day and give sunny day after.It seems as if people's prayers never reach. Heaven is not really willing to give a sunny day even though it is a very special day for peopel who reach 20 years old and for their families.

It may be because of our irresponsible attitude for global warming. Maybe it is because of our selfishness.

Here in Osaka, it was the first snow in this winter. In Tokyo and other area where it seldom snows, it was snowing today.

  We just cannot help wishing the bright future of the young people and wish them an unforgettable memory.