Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.627


Obi #314566 Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya



Hello from Yuka from Ichiroya. Seeing above these two animals, what comes in your mind?

Yes, it is Junishi, 12 animals to represent the year and this year is the year of Goat/Sheep and next year is the year of Monkey. Junishi originates from Chinese calender from the time of the Shang Dynasty (around 17th century BC) but I do not think most people know about it here in Japan. 12 animals were adopted later for people to recognize the calender system but you know, Japanese are so auspicious, people often talk about what animal year you were born. Of course it is just nonsense but it is just fun to use as a conversation starter. 

It is not nice to ask someone's age when you meet someone at the first time but you can ask like `What animal year were you born?' and you can guess the age of that person by duodecilam number system(Don't make a mistake- that person can be 36 in stead of 48!)

Here are the twelve animals:


I thought it is funny the monkey in this chart is enjoying soaking in a hot spring! 

It is not a usual sight you can see if you visit Japan. The photos of the monkeys in Jigokudani, Nagano prefecture, who actually enjoy being in hot spring became so popular from some years ago, and people loved the face of the relaxed monkeys! The photos made us smile so much, if you have not seen them please check this website:



The photo on the top is obi  and the second photo is children's kimono. Both animals are loved and appear in kimono or obi both in vintage and modern items. Especialy Juka souyou mon(the pattern of two sheep under the tree)can be seen from Shoso in treasure (the most valuable treasure collection from 7th century are stored) and the kimono #231872 has this pattern.

The monkeys playing in stone lanterns - the obi #263240 with charming embroideries- is very interesting too. We hope you enjoy browsing these obi and kimono with the Junishi animals of this year and the coming new year!









There are more obi and kimono with monkey and goat/sheep design I hope you enjoy searching them by our search function entering the key word as monkey, sheep or goat.

Here is our winter holiday notification. We are still adding wonderful new arrivals this coming week and the following week and we hope you enjoy visiting our website!
Our office will be closed between 12/25 (Fri) and 1/3 (Sun), Japan time, for the New Year holidays.
During our holidays, no new items will be listed, and we won't be able to reply to any emails or process shipments.
Thank you so much for your understanding and consideration.