Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.829

On the morning of Seijinshiki
Konnichiwa Minasan! Ogenki desuka?  This is Yoko writing this week's newsletter. I hope everyone had a very nice start of the New Year!
Readers in Australia, our hearts are with you.   We pray that good amount of rain reaches Australia and stops the bush fire from spreading further.   
This would be my first newsletter this year, and I would like to share how I spent my new year so far with you!
As I do every year, I pay a visit to my parents' place in Nara on Gantan and go to Kashihara Jingu Shrine together. They rebuilt the Tori-i (main gate to the shrine) last year, so it was very refreshing to find the brand new Tori-i standing at the entrance this year. The pathway to the shrine after the Tori-i gate and also the Chouzuya (where we wash hands) were packed with people! It took us nearly 30 minutes to the main Honden(sanctuary)!! Honden is always very grand and nice.  People wish for good health and prosperity for the New Year there.
Mina sama ni totte mo yoi toshi de arimasu youni!  (We wish you a good year!)
After the New Year celebration, THE BIGGEST EVENT of our family was waiting!
Yes, the Seijinshiki for my daughter!!!
On Senjinshiki (Coming-of-Age Ceremony) , we celebrate young people become Seijin (adult). 
In Japan, when you turn twenty, you are considered as a responsible adult.  
Many females wear Furisode and males wear Kimono with Hakama or business suits.
So, over the last year, we have prepared Furisode, Obi, obiage, obijime, bag, zori, tabi.... list goes on...... 
Good for me, I work for a Kimono company!!!!   yattaaa!!
We picked out a nice blue Shibori(tie-dye) furisode and re-tailored to fit her measurements.
Yuka has graciously offered us to borrow her very nice Fukuro Obi, and with help by everyone at ICHIROYA. we were able to have a very nice Seijinshiki!  She LOVED the Furisode, the Obi, the hair, the makeup and everything!!
We could not have asked for a better day.  Weights are lifted off my shoulder...  yokatta...
Please let me share some photos of her in her blue Furisode. (and the little Marin with parents) LOL
Itsumo arigato gozaimasu for reading our news letters. 
Kotoshimo dozo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.