Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.781


Renga-kan in in Kumatori-cho, Osaka

Hello, How are you doing?  Mitsue is writing this time.
In Osaka, rainy season is just around the corner. It will be humid with high temperature for about a month, but I can't hate this rainy season. I like the sound of rain drops, because I feel something relieved from the sound.
As I told you before, I'm a member of orchestra of Chinese instrument, and I play Niko (2 strings fiddle) and Kosou(21 strings Chinese Koto). We often have concerts at various halls. Last Sunday, I played with some members at Renga-kan (Brick Hall) in Kumatori-cho, Osaka. It is located near Kansai International Airport.
Renga-kan is a building reproduced a cotton fabric factory which was built early Showa era(1926- 1989). The brick wall is kept as it was at that time, and a saw roof was reproduced with the same atmosphere. It is open for citizens to use halls, restaurant and meeting rooms in order to succeed a modernized inheritance to the coming ages. The land of factory was actually very large as approximately 20,000 square meters including lodgings and dining room. Only brick factory, office, storage, electric power receiving room and steam boiler room remained. Some of them are now protected as cultural assets of Kumatori-cho.
Weaving machine is displayed at the hall with Danjiri (festival float). For young citizens, a process to spin the cotton yarn is easily presented. A boiler still remains in the garden. so I could feel an atmosphere when cotton industry was prosperous at that time. It is now declined because of the cheap imported cotton. I found a beautiful ancient lotus in front of the factory. 




from raw cotton to cotton yarn




Me holding niko


ancient lotus

We have many cotton Yukata, but today I introduce you some other cotton items. 
Some of them are old and have flaws, but we would like you to enjoy these tasteful cotton texture. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy this weekend!