Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.651









Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hello everyone, this is Yoko from Ichiroya.
It is my turn to write the Newsletter this week. Ogenki desuka?

I have been working here at Ichiroya for more than ten years now.
I love working here because there is always something new going on.
We will keep you posted as new projects come in!!

Mei gave a brief introduction about us and here is what I want to say about Mei chan.
By the way, the name Mei reminds me of a movie called My Neighbor Totoro, an anime by Hayao Miyazaki.
Totoro is one of the movies I enjoy watching with my family. The movie is about two young charming sisters, Satsuki and Mei, meeting a spirit-like figure, Totoro.  I will not write more about the movie in case you have not seen it.  hehehehe
If you have not seen it, you should rent one this weekend and watch it with your family.  It is really a good anime. :)
Mei chan in our office is also very charming and super creative, she can turn anything into a drawing, one time she drew the 'Seven Gods' in a matter of minutes.

Well, as Mei mentioned in her newsletter, it is true that I love dogs.  I never told anyone how much I love dogs, but I guess people can tell.  Except the time I lived in overseas, I have always had a dog in my life.

According to my mom, one time when I was a baby (not even walking just started crawling), I guess I was so hungry that
I started to crawl toward the dog food my mom prepared for our dog.  You know how dogs are when it comes to their dish, they DO NOT want to share. Of course, I made my dog upset and got bit(softly I believe) on my arm.  My mom described that I immediately started crying but was still reaching for the dog food even after...
Not everyone loves dogs, I know. Some people are anxious to be near one, especially if they have had a bad experience.
So in my case, my hunger surpassed anxiety....

Speaking of dogs, I do not find many Kimono or Obi with a dog motif, but I noticed that the type of dog I find on vintage obi is mostly Chin.   The Japanese Chin was loved by the fifth Shogun Yoshitsune Tokugawa of Edo era, so it influenced the public as Chin is wealthy people's possession.  Black and white colors of Chin also make a lady in Kimono look very elegant, especially when she is wearing a red Kimono. The contrast of red, black and white must have appealed quite exotic to people in old eras.  
There is a painting of a lady holding a Chin at Kabukiza! Did you know?


Thank you so much for reading. Until next time!

Wishing you a lovely weekend everyone!