Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.646

Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Konnichiwa, this is Mari from Ichiroya.
Those Ichiroya customers may have received email from me after you made payment. Me
and my coworkers start writing Ichiroya newslatters from today on. Don't worry, Yuka
is one of us. We would like to introduce interesting movements, kimono topics and so
on from Osaka, Japan.

It is getting hotter and hotter in Osaka. It is already hitoe(not lined) kimono
season. In summer, I want to make people around me feel cooler by just watching me
in sumemr kimono. On the hot days, I wear "beaded" items to feel and look cool!


Here is a beaded han-eri(decorative collar for juban).


Whenever the cold beads touch my neck, I feel cool!
The shinny beaded haneri looks cool, doesn't it?

You can find several different colors of beaded han-eri at

I also tie beaded Obijime.



I crocheted it by myself.
If you love to crochet, it is easy to make one.
All you need is patience!!!!
It takes me a while to finish it because it is hard to
find time to crochet in my busy schedule.
If I could crocheting all day long, I couldn't be happier!!!




Unfortunately, Ichiroya doesn't carry any beaded obijime.
If you want one, please contact me to order.
Just kidding! hahaha!

Actually, beaded items can be worn all year round, not only in summer!
Anyways, it is just a tip on how to look cool in kimono.
Enjoy wearing kimono!