Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.625


Today, we like to introduce `new' spot where you can enjoy the magnificent view of city of Kyoto from a wonderful wooden stage. It is NOT Kiyomizu-dera. 

The place is called Shogun-zuka. Here is the information:


The place is in Higashiyama-you can take a taxi or bus. They have a shuttle bus also whichi stops at Shijo kawaramachi and other places.

On top of Higasiyama, there are Seiryuden, Shogunzuka Mound and this newly made wooden stage. The stage is 4.6 times bigger than Kiyomizu dera wooden stage and you can see the panoramic view of the city of Kyoto (when it is fine, you can even see building in Osaka!) It was a cloudy afternoon but still the view was maginificent, we really enjoyed. They have light up at night, it must be really nice.


In the photo on top, you can see me (do I look like sitting in the glass tea house?)

on the g;ass bench. On this wooden stage, there is a very unique tea house called `Kou-an'. Kou means Hikari(light) and an is hermitage. This unique tea house is the work of a contemporary artist, Tokujin Yoshioka.

The photos here are much better than my photo, please take a look at the of photo of the wooden stage at this website:



I love this photo of Yoshioka holding the rainbow color light in his hands which came by the prism.


I am sure you will enjoy the view from the stage and also the very impressive glass tea house. This tea house will be there until next spring, they say.

If you visit Kyoto, come up to Higashiyama and visit this place!

They have beautiful garden also- this time we enjoyed seeing the colored maple trees. The place will be the new sightseeing spot!