Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.622




Hello from Yuka from Ichiroya.

We have two more months in this year. In many parts of the world, people exchange gifts at Christmas time so you may be thinking about what to choose as Christmas gifts for your family and friends.


We have a tradition to send gift at the end of the year to whom you like to show your gratitude of the year. This is called OSEIBO. It used to be people visit and handed gift in person but recently sending gift from department stores is what people usually do.

Here is the webpage of one of the major departmentstores introducing OSEIBO recommendation:


There are webpages to show the `manner' regarding sending OSEIBO. The page tells when you should send OSEIBO, what are the things you should NOT send, what do you send when the person is in mourning and so on.

There are images of women in kimono (and wearing michiyuki coat also) is holding OSEIBO wrapped in furoshiki, wrapping cloth-thesephotos look a bit our of date, I think. 

They also show some recommendations-beer, assorted sweets, canned food and so on.



I think the tradition is changing. It used to be, there were Nakodo(match maker) for marriage, and also most people sent OSEIBO to bosses of the compnay they wored for. 

To Nakodo and bosses, people sent OSEIBO. However, Nakodo system seems to be disappearing, and many companies say they now have a company policy not to exchange gifts (as they are considered to be empty formalities) after the bubble economy has ended. It seems sending gifts as a tradition to superior people in the company is getting older customs. When we were young, people needed to invite their bosses in the companies to their weddings, whether you like it or not, but we heard it is not that way now.

OSEIBO custom will not disappear but it seems people choose more personal gifts.

Catalog gift is popular, nabe cooking ingriedients set is popular too(sending seafood, soup to cook and other ingriedients are assorted-so the recipient can have nabe cooking at the night they receive the set.

Choosing gift carefully especially for that person you like to show gratitude-rather than sending `general' thing showing `courtesy' seems to be the recent wave.

Also buying a bit luxurious thing to reward yourself (`pamper yourself' is the correct expression?) at OSEIBO or Christmas time is now popular thing too.

We have some charming goods to go with your kimono-kimono bag like the one on top might be a nice gift for kimono wearers!

We will be adding more bags! Hair accessories or obijime ties will brighten kimono style too. If you have not checked our `accessories' or `others' section, please check-there might be a nice clue for Christmas gifts to your friends or families!

Haori also can be a nice gift too- you do not have to worry about size that much, haori can be worn with out closing at the front (like kimono) and you do not need obi sash. Haori can be worn over western clothings and can be a nice light jacket! Other similar kimono coat, Michiyuki or Dochugi are charming too! We have some haori, Michiyuki, and Dochugi in excellent condition too. They can be a very nice gift too!






You can choose `haori' as category and check the condition as `excellent' to see more.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Ichiroya.