Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No579


Akemashite Omedeto gozaimasu. A Happy New year!

We hope you had a great and smooth start of 2015.

The numbers are so decreased, but we still exchange new year greeting cards with friends and relatives. Usually using the motif of eto (the oriental zodiac sign of each year). This year is the sheep year. The above is the card we sent this year.


These are a part of cards I received this year. You can see sheep characters, and also family photos and so on. You can also notice, we write vertically!


Our daughters' generation seems they do not need to exchange these greeting cards. My father who is 84 years old received four times more cards than we received this year. I remember, he used to receive a big fat bunch of new year greeting cards when he was still wroking, which coudl not fit in our mail box at home. I remember his happy face, checking each card. In those days, we could know who moved, who got married, who retired and so on by these greeting cards.


The big four kanji letters on the card on top of this article (a sheep with snow on the face) in the left is KINGA SHINNEN(A Happy New Year).

In the right, it says-`you cannot see forward? That makes it more exciting!'


We wish you a good health and happiness of this year-gotakou o oinori shimasu!

We are in our office from tomorrow (January 5th) and will list new arrivals from tomorrow. We hope you enjoy checking our new arrivals!


from Ichiro and Yuka