Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.522



The recent news said Japanese cuisine is going to be registered as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. This is a very happy news for us, of course! 

Then Kimono comes next?


I sell vintage and used kimono but I do not have particular philosophy about it.

Customers buy and collect kimono for various reasons and I think all reasons are all right.

However, there are so many strict rules for wearing kimono as many people know. Certain beauty is seen within that rules, I know. At formal occasions, still rules are alive in Japan and people expect  the kimono to be worn accroding to rules as manner. On the other hand, I think kimono worn in casual scenes can be anything!

Some kimono fans in young generasions enjoy wearing kimono with their own style but they are often pointed out about details by other people(usually older),  and eventually, become tired. Because of these `unsought advice' some people say they like to stay away from kimono. Some people believe they have to go to classes to learn `proper' way of kimono dressing, before they actually go out in kimono.

With those reasons, and the change of life style, the present kimono market is smaller than UNIQLO sales! This fact is giving the production area and technicions an enormous damage as you can imagine. They all have the problem of keeping successors.

If kimono can apply to register as the cultural heritage, it might be good-Japanese cuisine is registered, why not kimono?


However-there is a concern- If kimon becomes a cultrual heritage, the voice to keep the traditional rules might become stronger.

Fashion moves and change as time goes by, in other words changes are the fashion. Kimono is one of the fashion, so it has fate of changing.

Some years ago,  there was a vintage kimono boom- young people were enjoying wearing kimono with new and free way. Some people say they enjoy just as enjoying `cosplay'. Wearing kimono equals cosplay? Then it is just limited fun thing,  not the things naturally chosen and worn.



If kimono could come back into existence ...we find a small bud among some young people.

The photos we are showing here is from the show held in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, the show is called `Kimono Salone', produced by famous obi brand HINAYA, ひなや. They have their own new brand called mitasu+  by Sodai Yamaguchi(stylist).

I my self could not go to the show but the DVD they sent us was a big shock and was really impressive. 

Rei Kawakubo impressed with her unique design using only black, white and grey in Paris in 1982. 

This show by HINAYA might be another new wave to impress world fashion. 

The president of HINAYA, Naoto Izukura was born in 1971. He studied fashion in Paris. The other day I met him- and was so amazed by his view point. He is the third heir of this noted obi maker, in a way, he is a representative of traditional kimono industry. But he has this free and open mind from traditional kimono value, and believes kimono becoming a fashion.

Not all people reading this newsletter may not be interested in fashion but hope you can enjoy seeing the NEW KIMONO STYLING. We hope you enjoy the photos from this show.

In the future world, there may not be any border of fashion, Izukura says. Wearing kimono or so called western clothings?? ---categorizing fashion might be meaningless! Young people walk in town wearing what they like, what they call what they are wearing might not be important. 

Starting from a very small far east country-that might happen in future.






















Styling: Sodai Yamaguchi

Dressing: Eriko Otake

Hair and make up:Tsukushi Ichikawa

The show was held on Oct 21st. 
 mitasu+ has a store in Kyoto