Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.515


Hayao Miyazaki, a film director and animator announced that the latest film, `Kazetachinu'(The Wind Rises) will be the final film of his career. 

He will be 73 years old soon-he says it takes him much longer time than before to finish up one film, because of his age. With the time left for him, he thinks the time is not enough to do both what he wants to do and to make another film.

He has been called as Japanese `Disney'. - have you seen his movies before?

Here are some of his movies:

My Neighbor Totoro

Spirited Away 


 and there are more and more films- and they were enchanting both for children and adults.  Everyone was looking forward to his upcoming production.

However, this movie, `The Wind Rises' seem to be his final movie. (Actually he has announced of his retirement in the past also but this time it seems to be true).

In his press conference, what he said impressed many people, so I would like to introduce about it.

In his talk, he was asked, what are the things he wants to tell children and he said,

`I cannot tell anything cool. They may feel something from the movies we made. I cannot tell any more.'

As the interview proceeded, he was asked, what was the message he wanted to include in his work. He said, `I always thought we needed to tell children, "it is worth living" in this world. We thought we should have this in the base with all our work.'

His movies and his spirit will be for all generations in future.