Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No. 489


I majored in fishery science in university. I remember there was a fish tank in a laboratory with two piranha in the water. Sometimes some kids in school brought some small goldfish and had a `pirahan show'. Poor goldfish became prey-a live show of natue rule. The cruel kids threw goldfish with no mercy and we all saw the tragedy - which happens all the time in nature.

I was twenty years old and we all knew our shool life would end.  We became like gold fish and had to be thrown into water tank called a real world.
Goldfish always reminds me of this  crazy memory from my university life.


I am talking about goldfish because i recently obtained an exceptionally impressive antique obi with goldfish. Goldfish design is not too rare among summer obi but what makes this obi so special and different is the patterns and the weaving.


The rounded figure gold fish are under water, so the outline of them look a bit wavering. The touch is so vivid, as if drawn by a quick stroke by crayon. This is surprising, all this is done by weaving. It looks simple but the effect has been carefully planned. The woven pattern on the semi transparent summer obi fabric and give more coolness.

Goldfish in summer obi or kimono are not so rare - the design is often seen but using this typical summer motif, still this obi is exceptional with the effect of coolness. The obi is from the era when there was full of Taisho romantic atmosphere. The condition is unbelievably good.

As I imagined when I was young, our society also was a jungle with a lot of piranha. To obtain this obi, I had to go through quite a competition. To bring back this obi, the price went high, I am satisfied I could bring this obi back but I am not sure this obi can contributive to our business or not...