Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.640



 Hello from Japan, this is Yuka from Ichiroya.

The above photo was taken when we were invited to Kyoto for our accountant's 10th anniversary. Our accountant knew this okiya and invited her clients including us to this ozashiki at the tea house. 

Look at her charming kimono- notice the han'eri collar she is wearing. Isn't that pretty?


 You may have noticed we have added some Maiko han'eri recently.
Han'eri(also written as Hanneri, Haneri or Han eri) is a collar attached to juban(underkimono) and the collar shows like this. Usually  han'eri shows less with regular kimono, but han'eri worn by Maiko is quite different. Their han'eri are extraordinarily gorgeous!

Their han'eri are embroidered and the base is Red silk. Their han'eri are not just `embroidered' - they are fully embroidered with white threads with elaborate work covering the red background color.
The collars are like this, please see the photo.




 The close up of the embroidered part:


Isn't that amazing? Those refined embroideries on red background is the characteristics of Maiko's han'eri.

Here is another one (it is available at Ichiroya)





Here is another one- this one has flying cranes. Wearing this han'eri, red color background shows -the above one will look like the photo of Maiko on top, when it is worn, only white part shows. When Maiko starts as trainee, they wear collar with red and later on, the collar becomes white which is embroidered.




 When they `graduate' being Maiko and becomes Geiko,  they wear white collar with shioze silk, not embroidered. 

The gorgeous embroidered Maiko collar are such a special thing-only Maiko can wear. 

You can see how they look when they are acutally worn by the photo on top. The collar with such subtle work (they are originally VERY expensive) add the highly elegant and impressive look of kimono, they look just GORGEOUS!

These are the collars we recently added:







We have some more han'eri too, You can enter key word as `maiko' at our search corner to see all maiko collar we have.


We hope you enjoy our other listings too!