Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No. 477


(日本語はこちら→老いた剣の達人が一番強いっていう話 (脳は100歳まで成長する!)

I have seen a TV program and was very interested in the brain 

researcher, whose name is Toshinori Kato.

According to his theory, our brain is still growing even though we become middle age.

The number of our brain cells decrease gradually, but we are not using our brain fully anyways, and  to the number of decreasing cells is not so much compared to the amount of cells `not used'.

So more important thing is, to increase the circuit between cells- by learning new things or having some sense of tension. These things seem to help making new circuit and help activate brain.


So, Dr Kato was telling, we should live pretending we are 28 years old. We should believe we live until 120 years old, that is the secret of keeping young and healthy.




It really impressied me. Recently I notice I tend to tell myself, I am already 50 years old. I was starting to feel I was already seeing the  goal of my life.

However, if I could live till 120 years old, there might be a chance to have the best performance from now.


What can I do from now? 

Mathematicians and scientists have their best performance in ther 20's or 30's. Go and Shogi players become strongest in their 40's. I cannot do that anymore. Most of the work, people seem to achieve their peak before they become 50 years old.

However, there are many business managers, politicians or writers who show great success in their 60's. Some artists did great work in their 60's.

It seems the ability which provides after 50 years old is good for the jobs which require comprehensive judgement produced by cumulative experience, human network, enivronment and so on.

I mean, it is the problem solving ability based on experience which can overcome quick-mind of younger people.

Of course experience does not always work- sometimes it can make dull decision.


I have a friend who is a really good Kendo player. One day, a young guy who is very strong, and could win Japanese Championship came to his dojo(training hall). My friend's master was already in his 60's. The young student asked to play a game.

The result was the master' s winning. He won with overwhelming might. The young student could not do anything at all in front of this old kendo player.

Because of the age, the younger guy must have had quicker reflexes, however the older guy must have had something which could make up the ability. I assume he could just `see' what action this young guy would take. He probably had all the data of action of players he fought before and also what is the best thing to do toward the action. He must have tremendous amount of data and curcuit of brain cells.

It  may not always be a virture to give way for younger generation. I have used my brain more than 50 years. I know I am more forgetful  now and I was thinking about how I could keep this present ability but there is still hope- there are a lot of sleeping cells here to use from now! Isn't that encouraging to know we have a lot of cells to use and curcuits for future!