Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.656


                                                                                       photo by  Ad Blankestijn

Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hello! this is Nagisa from Ichiroya. How have you been in this hot weather? I feel I want to go to the sea in summer. A white beach, salty scent and sound of waves. They make me feel refreshing. And above all, I love diving in the sea! Actually, I have a diving license. (I got it in March last year. Yes, I am a beginner diver yet. haha) I went to New Caledonia to attend my friend's wedding last February. And then, we enjoyed scuba diving and snorkeling in the beautiful sea registered world heritage site. High transparency, various vibrant fishes and colorful LIVING corals! There is a terribly beautiful world. That was an unforgettable experience to me.


One more thing, in Japan, lots of summer festivals are held in many places. Gion Matsuri is one of them, and this is what I'd like to introduce you today. (Sorry, but Series 'How to know the materials of Kimono' will be skipped. Please look forward to next writer!)

The Gion Matsuri is a famous summer festival held throughout July in Kyoto, Japan. It is also a traditional festival which has a long history more than 1000 years. The highlight of the festival is Yamahoko Junko which is a parade of 33 Yamahoko floats towed through the street of Kyoto. These floats are decorated gorgeously, so they are described as 'mobile art museum'.


Naginata Hoko is in the front float of the parade every year. And this year, it was decorated with brand-new 'Miokuri' (just like tapestry).

Here is the photo and article of the new Miokuri:


The Miokuri is based on the 'Asahi Houou Zu' by Jakuchu Ito, one of the famous Japanese painter in Edo period. It has an auspicious design of 'Asahi' (the rising sun) and 'houou' (phoenix), which is woven with silk and gold foil threads. It was woven by Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., one of the most famous Obi weavers in Kyoto. It took them more than 3 years to weave it. Also, Jakuchu Ito is the latest trend in Japan. Jakuchu's exhibition is held at Tokyo, Japan last spring. People were standing in a long line to see the exhibition. The waiting time went up to 5 hours! wow!




You can see the Miokuri for several years at Gion Matsuri. How about visiting Japan someday!
Everyone enjoy festivals in Yukata in Japan. And we have some Yukata.

Charming Flower On Stream Pattern Shibori Yukata


Enchanting Kiku & Kikko Pattern Shibori Yukata


Charming Iris Pattern Yukata


Vitamin Color! Lily Bell Pattern Shibori Yukata


Vibrant Iris Pattern Shibori Yukata (lined)


Enjoy your summer in Yukata! Then, why don't you go to festivals?