Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.817

Konnichiwa everyone! Ogenki desuka? 
This is Yoko from Ichiroya.  
We must first thank you for many emails concerning the Typhoon which affected Kanto and Tohoku areas of Japan last week.  Though it did not leave much damage in Osaka this time, we were very very scared.
If you remember the last year's typhoon, it flooded Kansai Airport and knocked down telephone poles and caused water outage and black outs. 
If there is a way to send rain and wind to other parts on the Earth with drought, I would love to know.... honto 
I guess the typhoon took the summer heat with it, it is all the sudden cold now.... samui samui...
I talked about taking my thicker Futon out in my last newsletter, but now I must take out my Kotatsu table. 
Kotatsu is a heated table with a thick comforter over it.  It is very warm and comfortable, and my beagle Marin loves getting in the Kotatsu with us..  I do not recommend one because it spoils everyone in the family. (lazy)
By the way, have you seen a pink color grasshopper? A staff at Ichiroya saw one and took this photo!
Can you believe your eyes? I guess it is a sudden mutation? or a sign of good fortune!? 
she said. 


Finally, October is here! yes, it is the Awase(lined) season.
Some Kimonos with Autumn colors or motifs, now to come out from the closet!! Omachi!!
October is perfect month for entertainment! Here are some recommended coordination for October!

how about these for a Shichigosan outing?
I hope you enjoyed my newsletter!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. :)