Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.660




Dear ICHIROYA Newsletter readers,

Hello! Bonjour! Nihao! Buon Giorno! Guten Tag! Konichiwa! These are greetings in some languages. I studied some languages at university, but... I(hi, it's Mei from Ichiroya!) just only remember easy greetings. haha Well, when I was an elementary school student, I learned one song for practicing the recorder, "March of So-La-Ti-Do". That song sings that "hello, bonjour, nihao, buon giorno, guten tag, konichiwa". I loved it at that time, and we enjoyed playing recorder and singing in the music class .And that was what influenced me to have an interest in foreign languages.

By the way, do you know "Nutella"? That is chocolate spread and it's my faaaaaavorite! It is sweet and melts in my mouth. But Japanese summer is not sweet just hot and melt us. However, Japanese summer is a good season for fresh and yummy vegetables. There are, for example, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, and corn. Those vivid colors make me to think "oh summer is here!". So today I want to show you some of our kimonos and obis with vegetable designs.

1) Tomato? or Persimmon? >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/339511/
2) Vegetables on the Bamboo Basket >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/314233/
3) Circle Fruit Design >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/332374/
4) Full of Small Eggplant >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/272127/
5) Unique Vegetables >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/321846/

【 OBI 】
1) Onion on Geometric Design >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/327045/
2) Vegetable & Fish Collaboration >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/325410/
3) Vegetable & Fish Collaboration Part.2 >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/292202/
4) Circle Fruit on Blue >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/317632/
5) Vegetables on Film Pattern >>> http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/294739/

Do you like them? We have more items other than Kimonos and Obis with vegetable designs  too. And there are, for example, Obidome(charms to put on obijime) and Juban (underkimono)too. All of them are so charming design and you will like them! However, there are not so many items of vegetable designs, so don't miss them!!

Here is one more story I want to tell you (not about vegetables again). Well, have you ever been to music festival? A few weeks ago, I went to "SUMMER SONIC" in Osaka. It is one of the biggest and the most famous music festivals in Japan. It was 4th times for me to join it since 2013. Every time I wear summer sonic design T-shirt or some artist's design T-shirt. But this time, I chose and wore one white T-shirt. Some friends say to me "Mei, that's so funny! You're weird." But of course I don't mind. haha It printed "KA-LA-A-GE" in Japanese with red letters in the middle of the front side. Just only this word on white base.  See the top image! Now, you see the reason why I put the funny image there!  Oh, yeah yeah kalaage is deep-fried chicken. Yes, chicken. When I found it at the shop, I felt it calls me and wants me to take home. It's destiny!! Yes, I know, I know, now you are laughing, right? Thank you, thank you. :P

But you know what, because I was wearing it, I made friends soon with someone who are unknown and foreign visitors at summer sonic. (thank you, kalaage!!) But... it was just just scorching hot days. Maximum temperature was 38℃. You know that is more over my body temperature. Oh dear! Like getting flu! For this reason, what's happen for me do you think? Well, I got the clearly shapes of sunburn of sandals at my insteps. Yeah such sunburn, at my insteps, is my first experience. At first, I said "Ohhh Mmmmy Goooood!!!" for many times and I was just shocked and shocked. But now, it makes me just laugh every time I look it. It looks like well-cooked small toasts. Oh I need Nutella. haha

Anyway, summer still continues. Please take care of yourself. And don't forget to put sunscreen at your insteps if you go somewhere with sandals like me. hehe

Thank you for reading. I'm so glad if you laugh with my newsletter.
It was Mei from Ichiroya. See you next time :D Bye-bye!