Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.606



Hello, I am Ichino, not Ichiro. Ichiro is my grandpa. I think he is doing something with kimono, I do not know much about it. I was staying at grandpa's home for three months for my mom had another baby, I mean my little brother. His name is Takumi. He was born on May 15th. My real home is Yamanashi. My dad is from Yamanashi, so my mom moved after they got married, and they live with my dad's grandparents. I can see Mt Fuji from my home.

Yesterday, I finally went my home in Yamanashi with my mom Shoko and my little brother Takumi. My grandma Yuka came with us. My grandpa was busy- he is always busy and I love to interrupt him when he is using his iphone. Is he playing or working?  I don't know.

Omiyamairi is first visit to shirine, it is just like christening, I guess. I have been taken to this shrine also, after 50 days from my birth. Of course I cannot remember anything.

My grandma dressed me with a new one piece and we all went to this shrine called Asama Sengen Jinja. It is a very big place- people who visit Mt Fuji often come to this shrine to pray for safe climbing.


Let me tell you about this day- we all went to this shrine, and before going into the shrine, we all had to wash our hands and rinse our mouth at Chozuya, the place for purification. My grandma, Yuka held me and another grandma helped her covering Takumi with the miyamairi kimono. These kimono are to cover baby and mother. At miyamairi, there is a tradition and usually grandma of the baby's mother side holds the baby. 


This is the kimono which my father Masanori wore 26 years ago.



Then we went  inside and Kannushi, Shinto priest gave the prayer. My dad offered a branch of the sacred tree to gods according to the manner:


He looked very nervous! Takumi was quiet but when the priest rang the bell, he was so surprised! Well, it was not much fun, I had to keep quiet, I was watching the priest's gorgeous costume and weird hat he was wearing!

After the prayer, we took photos in front of the shrine. You can see, I am getting bored...


Photos again! Then we moved to another small local shrine and another photo taking.....



Takumi is all right but he is too small and always asleep-- I am waiting to play with him soon!


After visiting shrine, we all got together at sushi restaurant-my great grandparents and my dad's sisters and their families. My parents invited them for Ohirome, intoroducing Takumi to everyone, so they paid for this party dinner. Otosan taihen dane(it's a large expense, Dad! I am so worried about you...)


I am SO tired. Omiyamairi, it was quite boring! It was all because of you, Takumi!


My grandma Yuka was supposed to write this newsletter but she was exausted taking care of me and Takumi till today, so I had to help her. I am only two years old, grandma. It was really a tough job!