Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.531



The things I see is different from what our dog(her name is Love) is seeing, I know that. 

However, I never thought what I see and what our staff see are different. I thought when we see the same thing, they are seeing exactly the same as I see, but it seems it is not true.

I sell  used/vintage kimono on the net. We take huge amount of photos but sometimes we find is to difficult to show certain colors- especially very dark colors as dark brown or dark blue, so we are describing the name of the colors, such as `dark blue close to black', `dark brown' or `black'.

 From some time ago,  some staff are writing what color they are and I noticed, they make mistakes. 

Sometimes the color they decirbe as `black' is actually  `dark blue'. I place the kimono on my computer keyboard, whcih is black and say to the staff, `See, this is black and this kimono is not the same, it is bluesh, so it is KON(dark blue).' The staff look somewhat puzzled. I sigh and correct the part in the description.

It happened sometimes, so I gave up to call staff each time and tried checking for myself.

Then, again, I had not have time so asked more staff for color description, then I found more mistakes regarding colors! 

Of course there is a possibility of color blindness, but I hear the probability of color blindness is so rare, such as one out of 600 people or so.

Then I found our daughter also have the same problem. She said `black' to the  color I thought dark blue.

I became so coufused-by seeing one color, half of the people may say `it is black'  but the other half may say it is `blue'.

If  Mugi(our daughter)  was my boss, she calls me everytime and ask the correction. She may fire me!

I found quite many people have the same problem. `I bought a business suit which I thought was black but my sister said it was dark blue'-- I found such comment on the net.

It seems Yuka and I usually have the same judgement regarding colors. Mugi and other staff seem to be in a different group. It means, there are two sects regarding color judgement? 

If there are the two sects in this office, then what about customers? They belong to either sects?

It has been more than twelve years and as far as we remember, there was not a big problem in the past. Was that becuase we were lucky, and the customer belonged to the same sect with the description writer?

As you know, the color of black can be so different  - when we see kurotomesode(black formal kimono) we notice ther are so many differnt color tones in black.

The texture or thickness of fabrics are quite different and hard to describe but colors seem to be more deep and complex! I sometimes feel as if I was in the labyrinth.

I am talking about very slight difference of colors. This time I wrote about colors but in this world, there may be many things which look `different' for each person, even though we think we are seeing the same thing!


photo by Patrick Hoesly