Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.519

House work has become very easy and convenient. Rice cooking- kamado oven has been used when gas or electricity were not available, and women had to watch heat-actually women had to stay in kitchin for a long time for cooking. Every Japanese famiy has Suihanki, rice cookers at home and some rice cookers cost more than US $600.


Some cookers may look like a bullet train or some experimental tools.


Atually expensive rice cookers sell well, they say they cook rice just as rice cooked by Kamado oven! In any case, rice is our soulfood, we cannot live without rice... 

For single life, packed rice, cooked by electric oven is very conveninet. Packed rice is available anywhere, the cost is usually US $ 1.00(200g, just about a bowl of rice). It takes only a few minutes and you can have a nice cooked rice. 

With some nutritious okazu, accompanying dish, a nice meal is completed!

For okazu recipe, everyone's favorite is `cook pad' on the net. This website grew so rapidly and become popular. For fancy food, there used to be many information and cook pad cover them also but especially small and everyday okazu, cook pad is a savior! You can enter the igreadients you want to use, you can also enter the things you do not like to include. So you can check what you have in refregirator, and go to cook pad. There are more than 1560000 recipe on the website.


There are a sort of `Hall of Fame recipe', and of course seasonal recipe too. There is an English page also with bento recipe!

Recently Halloween is becoming so popular among children, so mothers enjoy cooking with the theme!



Cook pad isnow introducing this interesting movie, `Bushi no kondate'(Samurai's menu'. This is a story about a samurai and his wife- a samurai who has been ordered to become a chef, so he was made to abandon his sword and became a great chef with the help of his wife. We hope you enjoy the short video of the movie.


Also, comic book called `Cooking Papa' is a very pular comic book and they have the recipe from the comic. This also is interesting collaboration project and this draws boys' attention to cooking:


So `Cooking Pad' is not only mothers' rescue page, but is popular for everyone. The page made the cooking beginners easy to try and enjoy many recipe.

You must have your favorite home cooking recipe. If you like to see Japanese ordinary home cooking recipe and other variety of menu, Cookng Pad is a nice website to see!