Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No. 469


When I was young, the movie, `Take me to ski` was so popular. Going skiing on a date-by a cool car with snow tire and after enjoying skiing, having a romantic time...everyone dreamed about the date like this.

It was so unreal to me though. I was a member of ice hockey team in university and devoted everything for hockey. No money for skiing! For me, the world of `Take me to ski' was a dream so far away.

After the four years of hockey life, I had a chance to go skiing. I could ski quite well even as a beginner. It was good but no romace came...

It is said ski boom has been already something in the past. Our daughters say, they have been to snowboarding but do not seem to be interested in skiing.

It seems there was a ski boom but the boom I knew was the peak. Going skiing is costly and takes time. I recently heard ski became like a senior sports!

The snow in Hokkaido is said to be excellent powdersnow for skiing. There are many skiers from all over the world- we hear there are many Australian skiers there.

Even though we have this excellent ski area, I almost lost my passon for skiing.

However, I had this fateful encounter recently. It reignited my passon for skiing!

This is what I found- a nagoyaobi with skiers!

It seems they are having a really good time-wearing a red striped sweater, having a gaiter like thing around ankles-they even wear nice mufflers! (No goggles somehow..)

These skiers are from what era?

Ski has been started in the end of Meiji period. In Taisho period, it became popular and they made ski slope in Shinsyu. First lifts were made after WWII. 

These skiers might be from the beginning of Showa, pre WWII.

(Meiji period:1868-1912, Taisho period: 1912-1926, Showa period:1926-1989)

The details are fantastic- everything is handembroidered. Splashing snow embroidered with white threads looks so lively and vivid. The whole design is vibrant, conveying the joy and movement of skiers!

I am sure the craftsman had love and longing for skiing. 
After a long time, this obi made me feel like skiing again! I fell in love with this obi. This is surely exceptional and unforgettable obi! (Why they used this motif fo obi, in the first place!)

I hope you enjoy the details of this obi by the photos.