Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No. 462


Hello from Japan.  This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No. 462.

Have you heard of the famous Japanese folk tale called `The Crane Story'?

It is a beautiful and sad story.

Here is the summary of the story The Crane Lady(the same as The Crane Story):


We really recommend the narration by Ms Elizabeth Falconer(the CD is available at amazon)with her koto play, too. She is a koto(Japanese harp) player and has many CD of Koto music and Japanese folk tales. Her story telling of This story(The Crane Story) is lyrical and amazing.


It seems the story was REAL, for we have this haori seems to be woven

by crane down!




It is big, probably worn by a man. It is very roomy even though I wear(my height is 175 cm). It may fit well if it is worn over an armor. No patterns, pure white color, and the most different point comopared to regular haori is the texture. It is extremely soft and fluffy. On both sides the touch is the same, and it seems a bunch of down are used.


If you see by a microscope, the surface look like this:


The thread(down?) is branched-so it cannot be silk thread!

I burnt it - it becomes a small ball like burning protein. The most similar thing I can think of is down feather in a down coat!



That's it- The Crane Story was a REAL story!

This white haori in my hand is, made by a crane who wove using her own down to make a special textile to show her gratitude to a man who helped her from a trap. She came as a young woman and hid herself in a room, wove using silk thread with her own down. She flew away in the sky after being seen how she made the textile but until then she kept weaving.

What a special haori-we decided to bring this to a bird academic for the appraisement.

We will report what the result was next week!