Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.460

Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No. 460.

We had a nice summer holidays and now feel very refreshed!

We are at our office as usual from this Monday, we will be very happy to meet you on the net again!

In this newsletter, the photos from Okiya house are included, we hope you enjoy!

On the last day of our holiday was a big event-our accountant Mitsuko san had a party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her career as an accountant. Ichiro was her turtor when she was a junior high school student, and he became her first client. It is a wonderful en(fate), and she invited us to her party in Kyoto. As we mentioned before, she also invited to Okiya she is accuainted with after the party. We met Geiko and Maiko and had a great time!

The party was held in a Chinese food restaurant in a hotel in Kyoto. I wore a pale grey  summer ro houmongi with ro fukuro obi. I wore nijudaiko (double layered otaiko) -for celebrations like this, nijudaiko is considered to be appropriate. Ichiro wore a suit. Some other guests also were wearing summer formal kimono. 


Mitsuko san's accountat friends and her supervisor came also and gave wonderful speeches. Most guests were her clients like us, and it was so nice to meet her friends also so we all know her characters. She is open, friendly and trustful, we all celebrated this anniversary from bottom of our hearts, and promised to meet again like this after another 10 years.

After the party, she invited a smal group including us to the Okiya- the name is IYUKI in Gion. Of course we could not just go - Mitsuko san knew Geiko and Maiko there and and was very nice to plan this special gathering.





 You can see the entrance with a lantern-the upstairs is the room where we were.


 When we all were seated, maiko and geiko came to us-both Ichiro and I were so enchanted by their kimono and everything and asked many questions but they were happy to answer everything. I just forgot the time-they were so elegant and so much fun to talk with! Ayano san is now answering Ichiro's questions with a smile - he is peppering with questions about kimono!



 She is Ayano san, a maiko from Sendai. She told us about when she came to Kyoto - she was only 15 years old. She loved to dance since she was a small kid, so she said, the training to become a maiko was not hard for her.



 She is Aya san, a geiko. Her kimono had beautiful embroideries. Her dance was so elegant with deep feeelings.



 Ayano san's dance- she really loves to dance.



 She is Ichimame san, a geiko. She looked so graceful and pretty like Nihon ningyo, a Japanese traditional doll but her talk was so interesting. She told us that she fell from top of the stairs and went through a fusuma-a papered sliding door downstairs when she was new! This has been a legend:-)  We really enjoyed talking with her.


Ichiro was there too and I took his photo too but he looked TOO happy - actually, all photos of him had a flabby face, and he asked me not to post his photos.  Okiya asobi - going to Okiya house and being entertained by geiko and maiko- it is not only for men. I really enjoyed to talk with them and was amazed by their professional hospitality. It was a blissful time!

We are adding CHARMING NEW ARRIVALS today. We hope you can enjoy browsing our website!

with many kansha,
Ichiro & Yuka Wada
Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA

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