Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.777



Dear Newsletter readers,
Hello, this is Mari. 
Are you ready for Christmas and New Year? 
What kind of dishes do you cook for holiday gathering?
Since I used to live in the U.S for long time, I cook American holiday dishes.
The typical dishes at my home include followings.
- Roast beef
My boys, including my husband, are not big fans of turkey. So, I always cook 
roast beef. More than that! there is no large enough oven to roast turkey in 
Japan! So, that is another good excuse not to cook turkey. 


- Green bean casserole
This is the most popular dish at my home. 1 3qt baking dish is not enough for 
my boys. I always bake 2 dishes. While we eat the first dish, I bake the second 
dish. By the time we finish the first one, the second one is ready to be served.
Although they are not vegie-lovers at all, this is the special dish! 
Unfortunately, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup can is not available at regular 
super market in Japan. So, I make the dish from scratch with milk, butter and fresh 
mushroom. Actually, it taste better than the one I use the canned soup. 


- Sweet bread
Since my husband used to live in Hawaii, he loooooves Hawaiian sweet bread.
So, freshly baked sweet bread must be there. My boys eat the bread so fast!
30sec. after I took the bread out from the oven, they finish half of it.
Again, I need to bake 2.


These three are "must be served" dishes. Other than them, I randomly serve mac & cheese, green salad, creamed corn and so on. I will cook those dishes for Christmas, too. My oven will be so busy to bake all those dishes! I hope that I won't burn any of them.
As some of you may already know, we are working so hard on this unique obi project! Look at them! They are not traditional obi you know! Keep checking the following page, we will try to make more unique obi! 
*Even if the obis are sold out, please contact us if you want them. We will make it for you.
Thank you for reading my newsletter! Happy holidays!