Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.757



Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hello, How are you doing?
Megumi is writing.

I felt the rainy season of this year is long.
The rainy season has passed in Japan now, it is a hot summer day.
There is the word "朝涼(asasuzu)" in Japan.
That word means cool time on summer morning.
But recently I can not feel it...

There are detailed rules about the season when we wear kimono.
But I ignore it, and have my own rule.
From around 21 degrees Celsius, I begin to wear hitoe(not lined) kimono.
It's about April.
And from around 27 degrees Celsius, I begin to wear summer kimono or Yukata.
It’s about May to June.

Yukata is suitable for casual wear, so I spend most of my holiday in Yukata.
There are few people wearing kimono in Japan.
When I walk towns in kimono, utter strangers ask me "Why are you wearing kimono?"
But Yukata is popular, so I do not have such stress.



I went to Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Jishu shrine in Kyoto on the other day.
Jishu shrine is a famous shrine for love and marriage.
I got Daikichi (great luck) of Omikuji (fortune slip)!



I bought “Marumage Kit” on Internet mail order.
It is a kit to arrange Japanese coiffure style hair.
Recently, I am crazy about this.

I introduce other recommended places, but they are not so famous.


This is Kongorin-ji Temple at Shiga prefecture.
There are lots of windmills, they are very cute.



This is Kongorin-ji Temple at Shiga prefecture.
There are lots of windmills, they are very cute.



There is a small fireworks display near this temple.
It was difficult for me to photograph fireworks.
The fireworks that I took were earthworms like shaped.
My friend taught me ‘you would be better to buy a tripod.’
Although it is the fireworks season, I have not bought it yet.




This is Furin (wind Chime) Festival of Ofusa Kannon at Nara Prefecture.
There are more than 2,500 wind chimes, so it is photogenic.
It is held until the end of August.
I think I will go to this festival this year.

I would like to recommend 'kanzashi'(ornamental hair pin) and Yukata.