Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.719


Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hello, How are you doing?
Megumi is writing.

October is over, and November is coming.
October has an another name in Japan, it is called 神無月(Kannazuki ).
The literal translation of "神無月" is " the month of no gods " in English.
But ' 神無' is a Chinese character used as a phonetic symbol rather than for its meaning.
Actually, 神無月(Kannazuki ) means "month of Gods".
November is 霜月(shimotsuki).
It also has various views surrounding 'shimotsuki'.
霜(shimo) means frost.
I regard it as literal meaning, because it is cold in Japan.

I went to the cinema with my friend.
Recently I do not go outside except for business trips of my shrine, so I felt very refreshed.
He is a visitor to my shrine, but I make a friend with him and hang out in private.
I am pleasant because he comes to help the Great festival of my shrine.




I spend most of my time to Kagura Mai dancing class(I am a Choreographer)and my shrine except my working hours as usual.

Autumn has come, so I replace my hana (flower)-'Kanzashi'(ornamental hairpin) of 'Kikyou'(Japanese bellflower) with hana (flower)-'Kanzashi'(ornamental hairpin) of 'Kiku'(chrysanthemum).
This ‘Hana-Kanzashi‘of 'Kiku'(chrysanthemum) is the most popular one.






The other day, we performed for a wedding ceremony at the outdoor stage for the first time.
On the same day, local idols and bands were singing and dancing on the stage.
It was a rainy day, but a message "no postponement for rain!" came from the wedding planner .
I was worried that the shinto altar and kimono would be useless, but the rain stopped only during the ceremony.
Now, I can not write this details. They had the difficult circumstance.
Everyone in the audience knew about it.
So, the audience cried at this wedding ceremony after cheering for the idols.
I felt it was a very magical stage.

It has quite a drama for this wedding. I like to share their story with you in my future newsletter. Thank you for waiting.