Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.713



Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hello, How are you doing?
I am Megumi.
This is my third newsletter.

It is getting cooler in the morning and evening in Japan.
Since the beginning of September, I have been able to have more time to enjoy myself.
I hanged out with my friends.
I went to Osaka City Central Hall  and Umeda Sky Building.
And I went to Nara, Kasuga-Taisha.



I have a friend who likes taking photo and kimono. He usually brings three or four cameras, and wears kimono.
He is often mistaken for a professional photographer.
I had my picture taken.
I wore a hitoe(not lined) kimono for the first time in this season on the day.




My Kagura-mai class is going smoothly.
In August, my student made her debut as "Maibito" that means a dancer, in the monthly festival.
She said to me '' I'm nervous, so I woke up at 5 in the morning. "
I am sorry for the rush...
But her '' kagura'' was very good, so visitors to my shrine praised her.
I think that ''Futari mai'' (that means dance of pair dancers) is the most difficult one.
Because we must match the timing perfectly.
And if we make mistakes, the mistakes are found out by visitors easily.


In September, my two students were going to make their debut, but due to the typhoon, the festival was canceled...

But we are making a plan for the rather small dance recital in November.
I have six students, and all of them wish to appear on the recital.
What shall I do with their hair ornaments?
Just do practice!


Although it is the end of hitoe(not lined) season,  I would like to introduce
hitoe(not lined) kimono. Generally speaking, hitoe season is in June and September.
However, it is hot in May and October, too! So, people in Japan start wearing hitoe
kimono in May and October, too. It is light and cool to wear until it gets chilly enough
to wear "awase"(lined) kimono.





Thank you for reading this to the end.
See you next time.


Thank you for reading this to the end.
See you next time.