Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.525



At the Great East Japan Earthquak, we have received a lot of support from all over the world. According to Wiki, 191 countries who are registered with the United Nations sent support for Japan.  Among those countries, there are some countries which we really do not know where they locate. We feel so impressed to receive support from countries which were not so familiar with.

When we see natural disasters as the damage by typhoon in Philippines, we strongly feel we need to return the favor.

We also like to show our gratitude for the support we received but as an individual, there seems no method.

I found this website by an Japanese art director, Yoji Shibaoka and his team. Their activity is called `Lots of Heart Project'.

Here is their website and also the other website, introducing their activity:

It is a simple design-a bunch of small heart making a big heart with `thank you' in the language of each different country. The posters with the message in 26 different language can be downloaded in their website. They made this website to send the message of gratitude in all over the world.

The project started in last March and gradually spread- the posters are put on show windows of stores, walls of restaurants, bulletin board of colleges and so on.

Here are some photos ( took from their video). I did not know about this activity until the other day. Just as I am, I think many Japanese are thinking about how to convey the gratitude. There has been this method already and many people joined actually. It is amazing how internet can affect and prevail those idea.
We thought about what we could do- and we wrote about this activity. We also like to print out the poster to customers who agrees this idea and like to put the poster to the walls of the work place or school bulletin board and so on.

When it becomes cold, both the earthquake in Kobe(happened on January 17th) and the great East Japan Earthquake (happened on March 11th)come in our mind. If you like this idea and have a place to put the posters so people can see, we will be happy to incuded the printed poster in your parcel when your order is sent(until March 11th)