Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.771


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Dear ICHIROYA news letter readers
Konnichiwa, Ogenkidesuka? This is Iori writing.

"Autumn for arts"
In Japan, we say Fall is the best season for arts and entertainment.This is probably because it is the time of year when art galleries and exhibits are organized. School festivals or cultural festivals are held in autumn, too.
This time, let me write about my memory of this autumn.

My daughter has started learning 'Nihon Buyo'(Japanese Traditional Dance) since this June by the cultural program of the town where we live. This program was organized to spread traditional Japanese culture to successors of the next-generations.
This is a half-year program and the students take a part in the cultural festival in November. At first, my daughter asked me what the 'Nihon Buyo' is, so I showed it to her on the Youtube. Then she said "I want to do this!! I want to dance like this in pretty kimono!!" It was the first time that she wants to learn something.
So, she started to take the Japanese traditional dance class once a week.

Usually, a teacher gives one-on-one lessons to a student, but there are some students in the class of this program. My daughter was the youngest student in the class and older girls were kind to her. She really enjoyed dancing.
The way to dance of Nihon Buyo is very slow and hard to take rhythm.
Besides, the six years old girl could concentrate on something for only 15 minuets! She always runs around the room and the Yukata (she wears Yukata at lessons) is opened in front....oh no... However, the teacher is very kind and knows how to catch children's interesting. She teaches them how to sit, bow and walk in correct manner before dance.
My daughter gradually came to like dancing.


Finally, the day has come.
Kids got dressed in Kimono, put on makeup and done their pretty hair. They looked so excited in pretty kimono because they usually wear Yukata at lessons. My daughter wore a pre-tied Obi, which I used for my 7 years old child's celebration. It is easy to tie and looks gorgeous! Of course, she ran, ate and jumped in kimono though, it was easy to re-tie.



The stage was large. She has never stood on such a big stage. Lots of people were sitting in front of her and looking at her. She must got nervous in such occasion. My heart was beating fast, too. However, she did very good. Their stage was over, and I was relieved very much. All kid's dances were so cute. Their teachers also danced and that was wonderful!! It was too bad that taking pictures was prohibited.
There are two more lessons in this program. She keeps dancing at home almost everyday and I am happy that she likes it.




kyoto flowertourism | Flickr

I saw some dancers wore Susohiki-kimono at the stage.
The way to dance with the bottom hem trailing on the the floor was beautiful.
I introduce some Susohiki Kimono , gorgeous Obi and accessories.
Vintage Kimonos and obi are also good for display!


















Folding fan for dancing






Thank you for reading till the end.
Have a nice weekend!

●ICHIROYAニュースレター 第145号●




Photo from Sheila Kimono Style 


 こちらが彼女の去年出版された力作 SOCIAL LIFE OF KIMONO






「英語では a picture paints a thousand words(一枚の写真は千の言葉にも匹敵する)といいますが、着物の美しさは言葉ではどんなにしても語り尽くせないのです。だからこのフォトブックをつくろうとおもったのです」とシーラさんは語っています。






あ、そうそう、この振袖を含めて、イチロウヤで見つけていただいた帯を多数コーデしてこの本の中でお召しいただいています。え?こんなに素敵な帯だったっけ?と思わず写真と見比べて、うーんこう着てもらうとやっぱりいいなあと ブツブツ言いながら各ページを見ていました。











着物がだんだん着られなくなっていくのも仕方のないことね・・・はあ とため息を付く人が大半のなか、シーラさんは「私はトレンド・ハンターよ」と公言しています。






【The Kimono Closet 箪笥びらき】のサイト

The Kimono Closet

 着物産業は年々衰退していて 年間の売上がいくらいくらで・・・といった統計は耳にしますが、個人の声を集める調査はおそらくないのでは?実際の話、着物に何がおきているのか この調査からいろいろなことがわかってきそうです。








Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.770


Photo from Sheila Kimono Style 



Hello from Yuka. Do you remember about this book I introduced in our past newsletter?  

(Here is the past NL about her previous book, Social Life of Kimono)

 I was so impressed by this book (Social Life of Kimono) written by Sheila san. The book was based on her research of kimono world, she covered not only the history and present situation in kimono industry in Japan but also the movement of kimono wearers both in Japan and all over the world. This time I would liketo introduce her new book, which is totally different from the previous one.

The new book is her kimono style book with full of photos taken by her friend photographer, Todd Fong.  The photos were taken in her neighborhood or near her university (she is a professor at Jumonji Gakuen Women's University), so they look supernatural, and we can tell she is really enjoying kimono in her everday life.


Why did she published this new book?

`In English there is a well-known saying, a picture paints a thousand words. But I think that you can speak thousands of words without being able to express the beauty of kimono. That is the main reason  why I decided to make this photo book'(from her book)


Each photo shows her own kimono coordinations. We felt so happy and honored, she wore many obi and kimono from Ichiroya too, including the furisode she is wearing (the photo on the top).

She wears kimono almost everyday, here are some photos from the book and you can see the changing of the seasons by her coordinations.






I like the photo of her in furisode (on top) with her beaming smile but also I like this photo too, it is a real natural scene from everyday life.



Each style has flow and her love of kimono is showing!

She loves both old and new kimono- she treasures kimono from Meiji era(Meiji 1868-1912) and also tries punk kimono fashion with leather belt.

In her previous book, her research and the viewpoint of kimono in social life showed us the reality of kimono. As you may know, we tend to have fixed idea about our own culture. Kimono were aound and the existence of kimono is getting less and less as time goes by but oh, well, that's what happens-that kind of mood is what most people have, I think.

Sheila calls herself 'a kimono trend hunter'. 

`For kimono to survive as fashion and not as some kind of art object, it is necessary to grasp trends, people's kimono lifestyles, and the needs of kimono end-users. '

To spread the information, she started her project called `The Kimono Closet'.

She is examining the kimono closets of fifty Japanese women from their 20s to there 80s. She visits their homes, count the numbers and types of kimono, note where they came from and how they are stored. Besides that, she asks participants to tell her their problems with kimono life and the stories of kimono that have special meanings for them. Not the annual kimono sale numbers but she is collecting the real voice from the individual's closet! That must tell what is really happening. We have this contradiction - kimono are pretty, precious and have memories of mothers, grandmothers but kimono are not really convenient, nor easy to wear (needs a lot of care!).

Her book is inspiring and fun to show kimono as fashion. A young girl who was not interested in kimono at all, saw the book and says `KAWAII!!' For her, the book was a fun fashion book.

I am sure you enjoy the book, and in between photos, she writes her message very clearly both in English and Japanese. Enjoy!







Finally, the furisode is finished!

We have a most exceptional vintage furisode--this furisode has many enchanting birds and gorgeous flowers which are dyed. It is just awesome, words can never describe the real beauty of this furisode. The elaborate work of details-it is breathtaking.

We hope you enjoy the photos of our treasure.








It has no flaw, in excellent condition. One of our customer ordered this furisode and we were so happy the furisode was just finished.

Yes, we made this furisode from a real vintage furisode-we reproduced the image and it is possible now to make same image furisode with other back ground color too.

The original vintage furisode had red back ground color. We have made the original color one too but to see the same design with black back ground color, it was first time and it was just breathtaking.

The original vintage furisode is of course the exceptional piece and we treasure it from now on too.

And now, if you wish to wear this furisode or display in your room, it is possible. We will be happy to make another furisode for you.

Just contact us, info@ichiroya.com


Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.769


Dear Newsletter readers,
Hello, this is Mari. 
It is fall in Japan. Cool and tasty season! 
I love to eat! Since I'm from northern Japan where is famous 
for rice, I'm excited to eat newly croped rice so much!
Yum, yum!
In November, we cerebrate "Shichigosan".
Generally speaking, girls at 3 and 7 years old, boys at 5 years old wear 
formal kimono, and go to shrine in their community to pray for 
their healthy grow. 
Girls enjoy wearing kimono and putting make up on them.
I still remember that I felt very special in my bright green kimono which I wore 
when I cerebrated Shichigosan at 7 years old.


In the picture, me and my younger sister are posing like "Maiko" in 
kimono. Girls can do this when they are dressed up.
Boys seem don't like to dress up. When my sons went to a shrine in kimono when they 
were 5 years old, they were not very much excited at the begining. However, after a shiny sword  
was handed to them, they started posing like a samurai! That's so boys!
They enjoyed to be a little samurai so much! 



I love to see those little princess and samurai in kimono in November.
I pray for their healthy grow from the bottom of my heart.
Do you want your kids to wear kimono?
Since kids eat, jump, fall down and cry, it is risky to put silk kimono on them. 
No worry! We carry polyester kids kimono! It is a lot easier to take care of it!
<Girl's kimono>
We make "kimonotte" original girl's kimono!



Even though you don't go to shrine, it is still good to just take pictures of your 
children or grand children in kimono! 
Thank you for reading my newsletter! See you next time! 

Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.768

Konnichiwa everyone! Ogenki desuka? 
This is Yoko writing this week's newsletter.  Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. :)
Typhoon season seems to be finally over, and I am starting to enjoy the smell of Autumn, crispness in the air and changes in colors of the leaves.
Above all, Danjiri is going to happen this weekend, and it looks like the weather is going to be really nice throughout the weekend. Yokatta!
Personally, I think this time of year is the best time to visit Japan.  
Weather is not too cold, high humidity has gone, and above all, food tastes great in Autumn! Onaka ippai!!
My kids love Nabe pot dishes and Takoyaki, especially when the weather is cold.
Did you know that almost all household in Osaka have Takoyaki maker at home?
We had Takoyaki for dinner just yesterday, and instead of Tako, octopus, we put ingredients like diced cut sausages, natto, cheese, and Kimchee in our Takoyaki.
I also love Kimchee Nabe! (yes I like spicy food), and I enjoy putting Tofu, green onions, bean sprouts, cabbage and ramen noodles together in Nabe.   Are you getting hungry yet??
Oh! by the way! did you notice that we lowered prices of some of our Kimonotte items? 
All Haneri and Obiage are now US $16 each!!!  Sugoi!
Even if you see some are already sold out, we can still print them right here in our building, so please feel free to inquire us.

I am sure you have seen our new set of three Kimonotte Koshihimo?  
Most have already been sold, but we are making more with different patterns now, so please keep an eye out for our new listings!!!
Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu!
By the way! have you been to the Nishijin Kaikan, Nishijin Textile Center, in Kyoto? 
I heard that this place is one of the places that foreign tourists want to visit the most. 
This place introduce beauty of Nishijin weaving and exhibit gorgeous Kimono and Obi.  They even have Kimono shows!!
If you get a chance to visit Japan, this place is a MUST place to go!!!


Here are some of our items of Nishijin.
I will post some photos of Danjiri Matsuri in my next newsletter! 
Thank you so much for reading til the end! 
 Have a wonderful weekend!



This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.767


Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hello! This is Nagisa writing. How have you been? By the way, do you like traveling? One hot summer day, I was looking Instagram, and got to know a former NFL player, Arian Foster had been in Japan. He was a member of my favorite team, Houston Texans! 'OMG! Arian Foster is in Japan, and headed to Nagoya!' I posted it immediately on twitter. 'Ohhhhh my goodness! seriouslyyyyy?' Then, I received a reply from my twitter's follower who is a huge Texans fan lives in Nagoya. He had no sooner known about that than he dressed up in the Texans T-shirt and headed to Nagoya station. I watched over him on twitter, and marked the player's movement on Instagram. I got very excited even though I had no opportunity to meet that player directly. He maybe shouldered Japanese Texans fan's passion on himself. However, the player was gone just before the follower arrived at the station. Oh, sigh... After that, I had a chance to go to Nagoya last month due to my private matters, so I went to see the same view which I saw on his Instagram story. It was just a pharmacy, though.

By the way, I love traveling, too! This year, I went to many places such as Yokohama, Okinawa, and Saku Island other than Nagoya which I haven't been there before. Autumn is good season for traveling, isn't it? The other day, I went to Asuka village with my friend. Asuka-mura is a small village surrounded mountains where is located in the middle area of Nara prefecture. It was once a capital of Japan about 100 years around 6th century. It says that Japanese history has started from here, and the place name is always appeared on textbook. This village has an old history, and there are a lot of historical remains. However, we both are not interested about history. Shotoku-Taishi, Sogano-Iruka, Horyu-Ji... Oh, they gives me a headache...!
We headed to the Ishibutai stone tomb by bus. Our first destination was the scarecrow festival. Red spider lilies are in full bloom, and various scarecrows are lined in the rice fields... I saw the beautiful scenery on Instagram for certain. However, There were not so much spider lilies, and not any scarecrows. That's strange... but, it's OK! We had one more destination where I found it on Instagram. So, we took the bus again, and headed to Okadera station to go to Okadera temple. A fantastic illumination event should have held there, but there was no one else but us at the station. That's really strange... Also, we found a tragic guide. It was said that 'It takes about 1 hour by foot from here to Okadera temple. There is no bus and taxi service.' 1 hour by foot? No way! ...but it was also said that 'about 2.9 km'. We discussed and decided. 'Let's go to the temple!' We headed to the temple by foot in desperation, and we just thought that it must take us about 30 minutes. We walked and walked as much as possible in the dark night for very, very, beautiful lights... However, Okadera temple did not show up in front of us finally. It should be a phantom temple, maybe, I had not enough belief in the temple, I think so. Anyway, I need to make a preliminary, check a map, and believe a guidance!
< Scarecrow Design Nagoya Obi >
< Nara Scenery Design Fukuro Obi >
< Countryside Scenery Design Items >
Speaking of Instagram, did you notice the new function of Ichiroya's Instagram account? If you find a favorite item, please tap the item. You can buy it directly from Instagram! Let's try it! 






Thank you for reading till the end. That said, I enjoyed the day trip, because there were some other beautiful sceneries which were not posted on Instagram. I was purely moved the beauty of great nature. I wanted to post some photos on Instagram, but there were no Instagenic photos in my photo folder. I need to improve photo skills, too!